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What Professionals Say about Gixtra

Fantastic app that makes organizing gigs a breeze for me, my management and the booker. Everyone is well informed and the concerts are even more fun this way.

The booking for such a large band is so much easier with Gixtra. Booking gigs is faster, sending infos to the band is simpler and the fees are paid earlier. And as a side effect I have more time to write new songs.

To have all gigs always updated on my iPhone is a huge benefit.

Finally the band arrives on time for soundcheck!

Gixtra makes my work so unbelievably easier!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΎ – To all bookers and bands, check it out, it's worth it!!!

[During the pandemic] Gixtra enabled me to accept almost every gig :D I would have never managed to organize this otherwise!

Gixtra simplifies your gigs

Each gig is embedded in a flood of organizational tasks. You know only too well, what has to be managed up front! Here are just a few examples:

  • Time
  • Subs
  • Fee
  • Setlist
  • Address
  • Line-Up
  • Car Pool
  • Tech Rider

…and more. Gixtra is a software to relieve your band of all these tasks. We want you to concentrate on your music instead of organizational chores. Rest assured, that we know your pain – because Gixtra is developed by musicians for musicians.

Less Organizational Chores

More Time to Make Music


Every musician's calendar clear and up to date

All gigs appear in your preferred calendar (e.g. iCal, Outlook or your smart phone). Cancelled gigs vanish automatically - no zombie dates in your calendar anymore. Every band member only sees those gigs he accepted. This keeps every musician's calendar clear and up to date all the time.


Quick feedback about the availability of your band members

Once you entered a gig, every band member can confirm or cancel her participation. A band member sees new gig inquiries right after logging in, so that nothing goes unnoted for too long. This gives you as a band leader or booker rapid feedback, so you can secure that deal.


All the important data for a gig at a glance

Time of soundcheck, exact address of the venue, itinerary, setlist, ... - you see all important data for a gig at a glance. No searching long email conversations to find that address for the GPS anymore. On gig day you get the essentiell info right on your dashboard page - just glance at it on your way to the car to quickly check the venue's GPS address.


Quickly capture travel costs for a gig

Every musicians loves getting paid quickly. The easier and quicker the billing, the better. Gixtra captures the travel costs for every musician, so you can quickly pay them and keep them happy. You can also enter the earned fee for the band, so all financial data is in one place.

How much does it cost?

You can plan & play 20 gigs for free.

Need more than 20 gigs? Simply pick one of our premium plans starting at 999  per month. You can test all premium features for free for 14 days. You can find all details on our pricing page.

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Organize 20 gigs for free now